About Us

Yep, that's me! I'm Jeff Brower, the Top Dog at Sincerus, and track and field is my hobby. I've been in the computer industry since 1978, completing my BBA in Management at the University of Texas in Austin in 1988. My roles at work have ranged from Operations Manager to Quality Assurance to Systems Programmer, UNIX Administrator to International Consultant, and I've obtained a thorough understanding of every facet of the business. After super careers at EDS, IBM, DEJANEWS, JUMP.NET and several other firms, I decided to form SINCERUS in 2002 to focus on the computing needs of the small business. I work hard, play hard and I PRAY!


To provide stable, prompt and honest support of our clients' computer systems and networks

Why Choose Sincerus?


We don't know everything. But we don't pretend to, either. We are always learning, and plan to do so until they wheel us away to that great supercomputer in the sky! We're constantly reading, staying up on the latest technologies in order to help your business make the wisest decisions.


Do you worry about software or hardware theft, or who knows the passwords in your organization? Are your IT needs resting on the shoulders of someone that spends most of their time surfing the web for their own personal projects? Is your computer technician more interested in selling you hardware than helping support the hardware you already have?

You won't worry with Sincerus. We don't sell hardware OR software. Just service. We work WITH you to determine and prioritize your needs, and then we focus on YOUR needs, not ours. Our reputation depends upon you, and we NEVER forget that!


Will your support be there when you need them? With Sincerus, you'll get prompt attention 24x7!


Are you dealing with someone that's more interested in telling you what they can do, rather than listening to your needs? Or do the IT people you deal with have the personality and communication skills of a brick?

There's a reason why we have one mouth and two ears. At Sincerus, we take great pride in listening.

We're not interested in putting the latest/greatest gadget in your business. We want to know where you're going, and we'll work to help you get there! And with decades of experience in business retail and the services industries, we'll speak to you like normal people (not a robot!)